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3 Canadian-Winter Themed Art Prints

With many of us receiving our first taste of snow this past week, our minds are beginning to look forward towards winter and even Christmas. As we begin to seek shelter indoors from the weather, interior projects begin to take shape. A simple way to freshen up your space is to swap out some décor for more seasonal items.

Browse the selection of Winter themed artwork and find the perfect design for you:

We have put together some Canadian Winter themed mini art prints from Society6 that we believe can make a great addition to your wall art, office workstation décor (wood stands are available), or even used as Christmas cards and sent to friends and family.

This print embodies a truly Canadian and winter animal, the moose, while adding depth to the art and making this creature look majestic.

Another truly Canadian scene is this black bear roaming in the forest. With subtle brush strokes and watercolour effects, this can add a sense of calm and nature to your décor.

Mountain Fog has a nice contrast and gradient from light to dark. It is a gorgeous layered landscape and will make a great addition to any décor.

You can browse other trendy products from artists and designers here:

Of course, if you really love these pieces, they can be purchased as larger prints or canvases to take a more significant role in your décor!

You can view more work from the artists here:

This post contains affiliate links, meaning, we recommend products and services we’ve used or know well and may receive a commission if you purchase them too (at no cost to you)

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