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3 Ways to Design Your Gallery Wall

A Gallery Wall is a space on your wall that is dedicated to the display of picture frames, artwork, and any other collectable pieces. It can be flat or three dimensional, monochromatic or eclectic, and is a great opportunity to showcase your personal design style and create interest in any room.

Here are 3 ways to design your first (or next) gallery wall:

1. Organized

Organized and grid-like gallery walls are great to give a sense of structure and calmness to your space. It is important to collect pictures or art that are very similar to one another, in same size frames and colours. Layout is key; it will be important to lay out all the frames and pieces on the floor and even template the wall before hanging to ensure everything lines up and fits well with your wall dimensions and furniture.

The Colour Study is a great example of an artist with minimalist, organized art and can be found here on Society6.

2. Themed

Themed gallery walls can be personal and self-taken photos of your family, pets and vacations. It can also be themed artwork from your favourite artist or photographer. Sculptural objects from travel, or valuable collections can also find a home in this type of gallery wall. The theme can be found within the style of art, the colours used, or the frames. It is important to decide on one or several key elements and stick with those elements throughout the wall display.

Some themed art that we love can be found here on Society6, featuring artist TMSbyNIGHT.

3. Eclectic

Eclectic gallery walls can be the most fun to create! This type of feature wall is done by gathering meaningful photos, art and items that you have collected over the years to put on display and showcase. There is no right or wrong way to go about this. Typically you will see different colours, frame types and shapes, which are hung one after another without any defined design. This can be a living and changing wall featuring items that you hold dear, with no right or wrong way to do it.

One artist with a variety of different prints is Richard Vergez, found here on Society6:

A gallery wall is meant to represent you and your style, make sure to take your time and select pieces that truly speak to you and that you will enjoy looking at!

You can browse other trendy products from artists and designers here:

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