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Best Materials for Coasters

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Below are some top types of coasters available to you, along with a brief review to discuss the pros and cons of each material. There exists hundreds of options out there, hopefully these insights can help you when searching for that perfect accent for your home, or gift for a loved one!

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These are great if you are looking for a sophisticated look, with natural variation from piece to piece as is in the nature of this marble material. With a white background and soft grey/brown veining, these are sure to impress any guest. The brass inlay adds a nice touch of luxury and the weight of these 4”x 3/8” thick coasters make them sturdy, allowing for them to stay on the surface when lifting and sipping your drink. Furthermore a backing prevents any scratches to your protected surface, and since marble has some porosity, any water droplets would be absorbed into the material. Please be mindful that leaving acidic liquids like wine, coffee or lemonade for long periods of time on this coaster may wear the surface. It’s advisable to rinse them after use for long lasting enjoyment. They also come in a neat package which makes for ease of transport and act as great gifts!

Slate has been a coveted stone for quite some time, and has many uses throughout the home. These stone coasters are a rich dark charcoal colour and are somewhat porous which allows moisture and spills to absorb into the stone. They wear quite nicely so you do not have to worry too much about acid etching or staining, although wiping them after use would do no harm. These 4”x 3/16” thick coasters have a natural look and feel to them, and exposes the slates typically natural cleft look. Felt pads underneath help protect your table surfaces so there is no worries here, and a stand to hold your coasters helps keep them neat and tidy. Great for neutral and sophisticated accents, or gifts!

Wood is another material option if you’re looking for rich accent piece coasters. The natural variation from piece to piece and the elegance of the grain can add lots of character to your tabletop. These 4” x ¾” thick coasters are lipped to catch onto any droplets of liquid, and will somewhat absorb into the surface. Like the slate and marble options you will need to wipe them after use for optimal longevity, however these wood coasters tend to be lighter weight and may be less prone to staying fixed onto your surface while drinking. Felt pads underneath help with slippage and surface protection. Overall the style and shape of these make for a great gift and add a touch of class to any space.

Cork is a natural material which is very absorbent, soft, and uniform. The simple shapes and patterns of cork are a great choice when leaning towards ease of use and hassle free lifestyle. The softness allows for surface protection, and absorbent properties help clean up any leaks and spills that may occur. These 4”x1/4” thick coasters are more lightweight than stone, but having a holder to keep them tidy comes in handy, since they may not be the most glamorous objects to leave out and on display. Many times cork is used on the underneath of coasters, however we see here that you can turn this material into the main attraction.

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