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What is the difference between Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario marble?

Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario marbles are world-famous stones quarried in the Carrara region in Northern Italy. Impressive monuments and sculptures were creating using these stones, which have been around for centuries. Known for their white backgrounds and striking veins, these stones have become classic staples of luxury in design.

No two stones are created equal, and this is the same case between these three types of white marble.

Carrara is the most common form of this stone, where the background is a cloudy, white-grey, with less pronounced or distinctive veins. It tends to give off a calming effect and is an overall blend of veins, cloudiness and spots. Because of its popularity and common nature, it can be found in projects around the world and is a very accessible stone to use in your commercial or residential projects.

Calacatta is known as a top-tier, highly sought after stone. This designation comes from stone that has a brighter and whiter background, along with thicker and more dramatic contrasting veins. These veins can be grey, but tend to be more of a warmer yellow, brown, or orange rust tone to them. The presence of iron is more common in Calacatta marbles, and is usually designated by the naming “oro” or gold. Because these purer, whiter backgrounds are rarer, desirability increases and therefore the pricing follows.

Statuario is in the same category of top-tier white marble such as Calacatta. This stone is designated for its bright white background, and typically dramatic and contrasting grey veins. Statuario is usually a cooler grey-tone and has dramatic diagonal or free flowing veins.

Within this family of Italian White marble exists different degrees of quality, rarity, and naming.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of these marbles in increasing order of rarity, and perceived value due to the cleanliness, type of veining and whiteness of background material:

- Bianco Carrara

- Bianco Carrara Extra

- Bianco Gioia

- Bianco Gioia Extra

- Bianco Venatino

- Statuarietto

- Statuario / Calacatta

- Statuario Extra / Calacatta Extra

- Statuario Extra Premium / Calacatta Extra Premium

Keep in mind that marble is a natural product that will vary from slab to slab and block to block!

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