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Top 3 Marble-Look Designer Coasters

If you have yet to read our post about coaster materials, please take a look now to get a better sense of the options out there: Best Materials for Coasters

Natural material coasters may not be suitable for everyone. New digital print technology allows for the creation of unlimited patterns, colours and designs on almost any surface. If you are like us and enjoy the richness and depth of natural materials, but maybe are intimidated by some of the imperfections and maintenance concerns caused by them, then a laminated or printed coaster can be a great alternative! is a fantastic website that hosts the work of some brilliant digital artists. They have a printed coaster product, on lightweight fiberboard wood, which allows you to introduce all sorts of unique designs into your home space. They are small (3.5x3.5”) and lightweight and have a smooth satin surface for ease of maintenance. Since it is a printed wood product, a quick wipe to dry it after use is recommended for longevity.

We’ve selected our top 3 patterns that play off of the natural marble look, while adding extra depth with golden highlights and punches of rich colour.

The name says it all! The bold and dramatic pattern on these coasters is sure to add a pop of colour to your tablescape. Rich hues of indigo, turquoise and a splash of gold decorate these coasters and can either coordinate with other décor elements in the home, or be a standalone piece. Each coaster has a similar print, making a harmonious set.

Greens are becoming more and more popular in today’s interior design. We love these coasters because it allows you to dip your toes in with a statement accent piece, before deciding to tackle a more important home project. Green complements lights, darks, and wood textures nicely which makes this an easy choice for any style of home. The pattern and colour also remind us of the richness of precious gems like emerald and jade.

These coasters have a wide range of colours making them a great choice for standalone accent pieces or to complement existing home décor. They do feel somewhat feminine and softer than the previous designs. If delicate and detailed is what you’re interested in, these would be a great choice. The coasters also have variation reminiscent to natural marble, allowing for a different design on each once.

Overall, any of these pieces would make a great accent piece for your home, or a unique housewarming gift for a friend!

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