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Trendy Stoneware Dinner Sets

Stoneware dinner sets come in a wide assortment of colours, shapes and sizes. Due to the nature of this material, they tend to be slightly on the heavier side and can add richness to your table setting for special occasions or everyday meals. These types of dinnerware can be a little more delicate that porcelain, it is important to handle with care so as to avoid unnecessary chipping.

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Below are a couple of trendy options that will bring a sense of style to your tabletop.

The Elama Mellow Yellow set bring a fresh pop of summery colour to any table setting. The smooth speckled yellow interior contrasts nicely with the white textured exterior for an elegant and refined design, without being overwhelmingly yellow. This set is a bold design choice, and allows you to express your style in the warmer months, or bring a cheerful pop of colour all year round. This set would also be great for use outdoors and the weight of the plates, at about 1lbs each, make it a sturdy and safe option. The plates have a slight curved lip allowing for the capture of liquids and sauces, while maximizing surface area for food. This makes for a great set, including mugs, bowls, salad plates and dinner plates.

The Gibson Elite Rhinebeck set is a down to earth, neutral, organic shaped dinnerware set. The cool tones of white, grey and black are sure to match with almost all décor. The speckled white base showcases the material nature of the stoneware, while the black backing and grey accent add depth and character. If you are looking for crisp and perfect dish set, these are not for you. This set expresses its nature with an organic and irregular edge shape, making each piece in the set unique. This set consists of two different sized bowls and two different size plates. Curved edges allow for capturing of liquids and a smooth large surface allows for large portion sizes.

These dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe. We also advise against prolonged soaking as stoneware tends to be somewhat porous which can cause staining if left unattended for too long.

Browse top-rated options and purchase your stoneware set here:

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